Strategic Therapy Associates, Inc.
Strategic Therapy Associates, Inc.

Agency Culture

Small Enough to. . .

Provide an individualized approach to each and every client.

Some larger agencies in an effort to serve so many clients begin to find themselves using the same approaches with many clients.  At times, it almost seems that each client becomes just another instead of an individual with their own unique needs and problems.

At Strategic, we are able to approach each client differently, recognizing that each person is unique and that there is always to possibility for change, recovery and improvement.

Big Enough to . . .

Provide a Quality Continuum of Care and Varied Career Opportunities.

At Strategic, we provide a variety of services that offers a quality continuum of care for our clients.  As a result, our staff have varied opportunities for professional development and growth.

By joining Strategic Therapy Associates, you will be working with a team of professionals whose mission is to better the lives of children and families. 

Strategic is a place where you will be challenged to grow professionally.  At Strategic, the staff work hard, get along well, and work together as a team.  We are committed to our clients and their families and to the approach we use and to continually improving at our work.

In our most recent employee satisfaction survey, a remarkably high 87% shared that they are satisfied with their jobs. When asked what they liked most about their jobs, they reported;

  • Helping families
  • The quality of clinical supervision
  • Client contact
  • Flexibility
  • Our therapeutic approach
  • The atmosphere
  • Their co-workers


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