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Training Opportunities

Strategic Family Therapy Training

Master-level family therapists receive training in Strategic Family Therapy and Crisis. Strategic Family Therapy is a systems-oriented approach that addresses the problems a client is having as being a part of a greater family system. This approach has proven to be successful in the most difficult client cases, including those who have experienced violence and abuse.  Therapists will learn the proper use of metaphors and paradoxes in therapy, and so much more. 

One of the most important elements of learning the Strategic Therapy approach is taking the knowledge you have acquired and actually applying it to your casework to experience positive outcomes in your cases. Clinical supervision is specific and directive to help with practical application in day-to-day casework.  In addition to learning through the clinical supervision process, therapists will learn about the approach through reading books, watching videos, and listening to session recordings of successfully closed cases.

Nurtured Heart Approach Training (Positive Behavioral Approach) 

Bachelor-level clinicians receive training in the Nurtured Heart Approach, Motivational Interviewing, Crisis, and much more. 

Mastery of the Nurtured Heart Approach is the cornerstone of transforming difficult children. The NHA gives parents and clinicians a clear understanding of how challenging children respond to the typical methods of parenting and instruction, and why these traditional methods can worsen the behavior. The NHA provides a powerful set of strategies designed specifically to turn a chellenging child around to a new pattern of success.  Using NHA, makes it easy to shift the difficult child to being cooperative by using their intensity in entirely postive and creative ways. Training of this appraoch consists of training modules that focus on the principals of the Nurtured Heart Approach to ensure staff not only understand the concepts but are comfortable and proficient at applying them. Each module consists of learning the concept via reading or video, then applying what is learned on a daily basis in the home with the family. 

Master-level staff who qualify may receive free clinical supervision toward licensure.




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