Strategic Therapy Associates, Inc.
Strategic Therapy Associates, Inc.

Intensive In-Home

Has your child had repeated behavioral problems?


Does you child engage in risky or impulsive behaviors?


Are you concerned your child may be placed outside of your home?


At Strategic, we work in the homes of families whose children are at risk of being removed. We strive to preserve and reunify families and maintain children safely in their homes and communities.


We help you:

  • Identify and utilize family strengths
  • Safely keep your child at home
  • Prevent your child from being placed
  • Improve interpersonal communication skills
  • Build positive relationships among family members
  • Improve your child’s problem solving and anger management skills
  • Develop improved social and interpersonal skills
  • Collaborate with other professionals to coor-dinate additional family supports
  • Restore love, laughter and stability




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