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Strategic Therapy Associates, Inc.

Intensive Care Coordination

Has your child been involved in the juvenile justive system or behavioral health system?


Is your child truant from school?

Is your child abusing drugs or alcohol?

Does your child have difficulty with respecting authority figures?


At Strategic, our staff will work with your family to organize a team, identify family strenghts and needs.  The team will branstorm ideas and consider actions to meet the family's needs.  During the course of treatment, the team will evaluate whether the plan is getting the results or outcomes wantd and a wraparound family needs plan will be made throughout the course of treatment.


ICC, in a  High Fidelity Wraparound  Model, is  an  evidence-informed  practice  that  is  firmly  grounded  in  system  of  care values  including: ​:

  Individualized and family  and youth driven services
 Strengths-based practice
 Reliance  on natural  supports and building self-efficacy
 Family Voice and Choice Team-based collaboration
 Outcomes-based service planning
 Cultural  and linguistic competence
 Community-based
 Persistency​


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