Strategic's Services

Our treatment approach is specifically designed to work with families who may find changes difficult and to help them resolve problems resulting in tangible, positive outcomes.


Strategic Therapy works to correct incongruent family hierarchy (putting parents back in charge) and strengthens the family.


Strategic specializes in helping clients with issues involving juvenile delinquency, domestic violence, sexual abuse, early intervention needs, inappropriate social behavior, depression, and suicidal thoughts.


Maintaining children and adults safely in the community and with their families is our priority.  We recently added a greater continuum of services to accomplish this goal.

Intensive In-Home

At Strategic, we work in the homes of families whose children are at risk of being removed. We strive to preserve and  reunify families and maintain children safely in their homes and communities. 

Crisis Intervention

We work with children who are at risk of injury to themselves or others. We work with them at home, and at school, to help stabilize the situation and prevent placement

Day Treatment

Our staff work with children individually and in groups. 

Therapeutic day treatment may be provided to your child at school, in an alternative school setting, in our after-school program, and during therapeutic summer programming

Mental Health Skill Building

We work with adults in their homes and in the community to provide individualized, goal-oriented training. We help them achieve and maintain stability and independence.


We help individuals and families learn to engage in positive social interactions, improve problem solving, learn to effectively manage emotions, and strengthen family relationships.

Theraputic Mentoring

We help youth and adolescents engage in community activities, develop greater capacity for emotional expression, and engage in positive social interactions.

Parent Education

Therapeutic counselors work with the parent(s) to develop and implement a plan to address stressors that are negatively impacting the family.

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