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Evidence-Based Functional Famiy Therapy (FFT)

What is FFT? 


Functional Family Therapy (FFT) is an evidence-based therapeutic approach that focuses on improving family dynamics and relationships. It is a time-limited intervention conducted over 12 to 30 sessions. FFT aims to reduce problem behaviors, enhance communication, and strengthen overall family functioning.

The program involves a comprehensive assessment to understand the specific challenges and strengths of the family. A trained therapist works collaboratively with family members, targeting and modifying patterns of interaction and communication. The therapy progresses through phases of engagement, motivation, behavior change, and generalization. By empowering families and utilizing their strengths, FFT helps create lasting positive changes and improves the overall well-being of family members.


FFT works primarily with 11- to 18-year-old youth who have been referred for behavioral or emotional problems by the juvenile justice, mental health, school or child welfare systems.
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